Zeke the Elder (not a comic book character)

My son suggested I try out a Quaker “Friends” meeting.  This is weirder than it might seem. His dad is a non-practicing (occasional bar mitzvah or wedding attender) Jew and I am a lapsed Berean.  Yeah, it’s roughly Baptist.


I went recently.  No leader.  Silence until someone may or may not be moved to speak.  Sometimes no one speaks and you sit in silence for an hour.  The message the day I went was about elders and “eldering.”  I had never heard it used as a verb before.  The messenger said that anyone can be an elder.  Your son can “elder” you.  You elder people all the time without probably knowing.

It’s been a hell of a 2015 so far, so it was great to spend lots of time with my friends’ dog Zeke.  You got it…he’s been eldering me:

Eat with gusto when you’re hungry.  Drink in big sloppy gulps of water.  Smell every flower. Every one.  Pee on as many of them as you want to mark them as ones you might want to revisit.  Be present.  Extend a limb in kindness sometimes; it speaks louder than words.  Play. Even if your heart hurts, playing will bathe it in cleansing hope.  Greet everything and everyone as if it/they will be a wonderful experience.  If that turns out not to be the case, find the next one.

I’m choked up about a dog!  And I thought I only had enough love for cats…

Thank you Zeke the Elder.  Thank you to his parents for sharing him with me.  Thank you for the circumstances that brought all of you guys to elder me.  Thank you Quaker woman who shared this insight with me.

Moving on.  With pleasure today!