Time’s bitch wants her name back

If you’re new here:

It has been about 16 months since “-” left me for his (completely unfortunate-looking) subordinate the day after our 23rd wedding anniversary.  A woman I knew, and my daughter babysat for.

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You’re basically caught up.

At first, (for about 8 months), I wanted to keep my married name for these reasons:

I wanted to have the same last name as my kids

I wanted to keep using the name — and being — the person I had been for the past 25 years

My “maiden” name makes undesirable rhymes with many other words, and almost always needs to be expounded upon in person and over the telephone

My married name is a solid, short, generic, middle of the alphabet name

Now, I can hardly wait the 30 days it’s going to take for the court to grant me the right to use my “maiden” name again.

Hello?  The middle ages wants their term back… I think I’m going to call my previous name my “dame name.”  Maiden days are gone.

My maiden dame name is also:

  • Shared with one of my kids’ middle names
  • Was used by me for the 27 or so years before I got married
  • Can be used for good and/or evil with it’s versatile rhyming powers
  • Is also a solid, short, generic, middle of the alphabet name

Who knew I would feel this way at this time? Again proving that I, and you, and everyone, am/are/is Time’s bitch.  Can’t rush her.  Can’t second guess her.  Gotta roll with her.